Fact #4

The depressed and anxious body fights the mind and the heart and the arms, legs, feet, brain, lungs, lips, eyes, liver, shoulders, neck, nerves, ankles(at least mine; damn sciatic nerve), calves, thighs, fingers and toes.

Because that is what a chemical imbalance does.

7 thoughts on “Fact #4

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    1. Hmmm. It seems to get harder to answer that question as the days build. I woke up this morning, that’s a bonus. Such a seemingly profound question to be asked, and far too numb to conceive a straight answer. Thanks for asking though. 🖤


        1. I think I’m just in a weird transition in life. There is such a distance from my emotions that I’m not sure what is needed. I assume I will grow stronger from this absence, for now, I will continue on. “The force is one with me and I am one with the force.”


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