I Love You All! So Very Much. ❤️

Life. It’s funny.

Thursday I experienced 24 hours of depression, sparked by a poor playlist selection, titled “Emotions 2018”.

24 hours later, I played a mix inspired by AJR, which also includes The Wrecks, Dreamers, Twenty-One Pilots, Finish Ticket, The Score, Coin and The Unicorns.

It worked.

Music is for the soul.

Your likes are an inspiration.

So thank you!

I’m currently partaking in more Social Media to bide my time in this transition, don’t worry, I’m still reading widely and writing when my muse arrives. But I would love to connect with you all on Twitter and Instagram. Follow fir Follow, of course!

If you are feeling brave enough to check out my ridiculous selfies, pictures of my life, fur babies and “inspirational” quotes: danielle_po30s

On Twitter I appreciate a few things: following my political educators, musical interests, college basketball favorites and fellow bloggers, like you! So, once again, follow for follow: @danielle_po30s

And, once again, thank you for letting me vent at you when I need share and continue to heal.



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