My Eyes

Somedays, my eyes are a super deep blue.

Other days, this abominable green

Takes the reins.


I wish it were just my eyes.

“Wish in one hand….”

(If you don’t know the rest of the saying, just ask.)

I follow a fellow blogger on Twitter. She’s got quite the fun, eclectic mentality I had in my 20’s. (Follow her @purrpale).

Anywho… she’s a gorgeous young lady and I love seeing myself in her tweets.

But I’m also finding myself reliving my 20’s persona again. I’m 32 and have been happily not dating for 11 months; I will have left my ex-fiancé, for an entire year on April 29th, 2018.

It’s this year that gets me.

I’m struggling.

To appreciate the power of my eyes.

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