Talk Therapy: Appointment #3; Mindfulness

Off the bat, I’ll say: I’m VERY comfortable with my therapist. I didn’t cry with my pill pusher, yesterday. That’s a first, I hate talking about my anxiety, just to have more pills shoved down my throat.

But that’s my current life status.

We started on mindfulness today. After the first attempt, I gave 3 full minutes to my breathing, after making myself comfortable: no shoes, laying back in the couch I typically only sit upon, pillow relieving the tension in my neck.

It helped a bit. 😊

Breathe in through your nose: 1…2…3…4…

Breathe out through your mouth, as if through a straw: 1…2…3…4…5…


I’ve downloaded a playlist on my I-Tunes account:

I also downloaded a tracker App, for my general anxiety disorder:

The strong Kansas winds have taken the power from my office:

I’m sitting in my chair, with Beautiful Koshi Bells, resounding from the same phone I am writing this post.




Insecurity which impedes my pursuit of happiness.

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