Going Back for Future Trajectories

Today I contacted my Alma Mater in regards to getting a second Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Apparently: I have a profound desire to make the world(my community) a better place; I love intellectual stimulation; I NEED to get out of KS; I refuse to teach HS English with my first Graduate Degree; I refuse to let my anxiety keep me from doing good.

God has given me something back.

Fortitude and Independence.

I am 32 and going back to college, for the first time… as a single intellectual–how fun!

In my first therapy session, my therapist gave me homework:

“For next time, I’d like you to make a list of things: Tell me what you want your future to look like?”

Quite the request. A request which needed to be answered, exactly one day after my weekend in beautiful Colorado.

God, life, perspective and humility happened, on those mountaintops in Colorado Springs.

In the last two months… I decided that my depression no longer had a seat at the table.

I still cry… duh, I’m only human, (and, unfortunately, I watch the news)

“This isn’t about red and blue. This is about protecting the kids.”

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