Something’s Wrong

I ate an apple today.

Same as yesterday.

It’s called a low

Carb diet.

Today is day


But it’s dinner time

I’m hungry but…

The anxiety

Or is it

The Depression?

Will only

Fish out bits

Of veggies

It can’t be a coincidence:

The involuntary


The Bawling.

The cowering

Beneath my hood

In darkness.

Because if it isn’t–

It’s Scaring me.

Dear God, my plate is already so full.

The tension

On my brain

Is worsening

Every time

I chew

A Pea

Or kernel

Or sliver of carrot.

It’s just a fucking


Cup of soup.

I eat the tidbits

Of veggies

I drink the

delicious broth.

I waste

The rest.

The styrofoam cup



Unlike Myself.

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