Down the Hatch


It’s funny… well no, its comical–to the outsider, I’m sure.

I just spent 24 hours in debate with myself and my new routine.

My pill-pushing therapist prescribed 10mg of Buspiron HCL, twice a day. It felt like a long term kick in the head; I had progressed, over the past month. If I gave in, I knew my strength would no longer be my own.

So… I researched.

After years of self diagnoses(anxiety, pinched sciatic nerve and pre-cancerous cells), I’ve found that I can show up to any appointment, just as well-informed as the doctor appears.

Appearances… you know the saying.

Buspirone is usually taken for only a short time. Do not take this medication for longer than 4 weeks without your doctor’s advice.   –

He spoke as if the medication would be in a long-term relationship with my anxiety.

Someone is surely yanking my chain; is it me?


So I will give it 3-4 weeks and reconvene with the man.

I broke the round tablet in half and  swallowed the pill on an empty stomach.

med time

By noon, my stomach began it’s flips, dips and uncomfortable butterflies.


So… Trust.

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